Sunday, 25 December 2011

एकांत की रागिनी.

ना दोपहर की धूप है,
ना रात की चांदनी.
ना घने बादल है,
ना प्यासी माटि .

ना खिलता यौवन है,
ना जाती जवानी.
ना 'उस' की कोई माया है,
ना वृद्ध की कोई वाणी.

ना उजड़ते बाग़ है,
ना खिलती क्यारी.
ना होटों की हंसी है,
ना आँखों का पानी.

ये है एकांत की कहानी,
      ये है एकांत की रागिनी.

this is my favourite creation.
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फकीर तनहाई का....

न जाने क्यूँ, आज जाने पहचाने रास्तों में खो जाने का जी है.
पहचान भुलाकर अपनी, भीड़ में खो जाने का जी है...

रोको न अब, बह जाने दो, बहुत रह लिए बाँध में.
हटाओ लगाम, भागने दो आज, फुर्सत, मध्मस्त, मर्ज़ी में...

वहाँ, दरिया में एक कश्ती है,
छोड़ो, आज तैर के पार जाना है,
लहरों को बाँहों से चीरना है,
पार जाकर चैन से सोयेंगे...

आज बस फिरना है...
रंगों से अंधेरो तक,
शोर से ख़ामोशी तक,
समाज से एकांत तक.
नहीं चाहिए मंज़िल की परछाई,
नहीं चहिये नक्षा ज़िंदगी का.
यूँही जीने दो आज,
बनकर फकीर तनहाई का.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Life between Love and Love lost

Sometimes it’s good to be a cold, mean capitalist. You manage to do great even at worst of times.
Capitalist in love? Well, why not? You are great when you’re in it; you are great even when you’re out of it. You seem to do what is best for you, really doesn’t matter if your actions are going against anyone, even the person who loves you. And when the person (you’re love) drops you, it really doesn’t matter. It sounds rude, yes, but it really does work, though I somehow could not ‘yet’ become that kind.

Life between Love and Love lost…

The stage when we still love the person who’d dropped us ages ago, is the most pathetic stage of our lives, no matter who we are, what we do, where we live, it hurts equally bad. And how terrible can it be when you know that the person has moved on.

The person, the love of our lives, the character of our poems, the most important part of us and if that person shrugs and elbows us out as if we never mattered, is still pardoned by us, just because our love can’t transform into hate.

What do we do? Our conscious does not allow us to stray and then you see the person has moved on as if nothing has happened. How do control that anger, that anguish, that fear? Isn’t it good to become a cold, mean capitalist here? We can take this painkilling pill and live in that exo-hormonal peace and calm.

If not, what else?

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Divided Union of India.

The title may sound a little embarrassing; it may not give a picture as perceived by others, both in positive and negative sense.  To some it may just be theoretical mess, to some it may be a glance of reality. Reality which exists but, not entirely, not accurately, yet it sometimes exist in its fullest form. It’s like the case with ‘black’ population in America, sometimes they are over sympathised and sometimes they are still at the receiving end of racism, though very minutely, but still does. Similarly, the case of ‘Divided Union of India’ is there in very minute but yet substantial way. Substantial - because this divides is often ignited and profiled for specific benefits of a specific few, e.g. political agendas and propagandas.

Some may say this divide exists everywhere, but the divide in India it exists in so many forms, natures, theatres and platform that if one sees it from the above, it would be hard for him to believe that this is one country and people here are collectively, in some way, are called Indians.

India is divided in countless manners, Geo-politically, Culturally, Ethnically, etc. so when it comes to India as a country, it is a mess of everything.

I’ll begin with Ethnic division. Indian Ethnic bifurcation is so complex that sometimes it actually seems like a miracle. Our Ethnic background, unlike America where Europeans settled with the natives of totally different Ethnicity, is mix of every Ethnic background in the world. 3000 years ago, when the Indus valley civilisation was at peak, the people were of Indo-Euro Ethnic background. When the Aryan civilisation grew, people were already mix of Asians, Europeans and Mongoloids. Whereas the Dravidians had African Ethnic background. Today an Indian's Ethnic background can be traced and matched with every human on face of the earth as we’ve had mixed generic settlements through out history, this theory can be proved true to a great extent, though not accurately.
So, when we see this point of division, it is present in a form of majority settlement of a particular Ethnic group. The North, West and Central Indians have majority trait of Indo-European Ethnic background. They share this with people of countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. The East and North-East parts' settlers have majority traits of Mongoloid Ethnic background and have similarities with the people from China, Mongol and other eastern Asian countries. And finally, South-Central, South Western, Southern and South-Eastern people share Ethnic background with Africans, with thin body frame, curly top, etc.
Everyone, though have different majority traits that distinguish their appearance from the others in India, they have some common traits, though dormant, that distinguishes them from their original Ethnic tribes.
This division is then drwan politically. And people of different traits, are categorised in a peculiar way. N-E region and it's people are left behind in the main stream and thus serves as an example of this devide.

Culturally, O God, this is like the worst thing. India is divided into countless sub-cultures- Religions, Castes, Languages, Foods, etc. most of the times, these cultures are not integrated and made into one. It’s because of the diversity in our masses and weak (intentional) political will. We know how America integrated all its subjects and also the migrants and used their ability for not only individual but national growth.
Indians have this peculiar character, when they go out of their cultural region; they become the most tolerant folks, adjusting to everything and create good conditions for living, and expect (host) people to accept them. While the same Indians, when return to their regions, they become the most intolerant men on earth. When they’re guest, they want respect and coherence from the host, and when things reverse, and they become the hosts, they want their guests to be at helm’s end, extracting their right to steer their (guests/migrants) lives to grow and prosper, for example, Tamils in Tamilnadu can’t tolerate North Indians in their state doing business, but the same Tamils would come to Mumbai and become the most friendly peoples.
Another sub-cultural factor is Language. Most of the Indians, belonging to semi-urban areas and rural areas are the most intolerant folks towards other languages. If a person speaks his native language in that place, he’s considered a chauvinistic, un-adjusting, prudent alien.
Well as far as religion is considered, I think India is the most vibrant place in the world. Every major religion in the world is represented in India. Not only represented, but given nourishment to grow and prosper. There are Hindus (inclusive of Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, etc.), Muslims, Christians, Jews, Parsis and Iranis, and everyone has adapted to the local culture. Since, most of Indian Muslims and Christians are converts (thus they’re still unacceptable to Arabs and Europeans) so they easily survive and adjust. There’re some cases of violence, but they are politically motivated (almost always). Caste, well as a student in school I never knew what this (Caste) thing meant, same is the case with majority of the youth. Caste is a politically created phenomenon. If you talk of suppression of lower castes, god, stop kidding me, in 21st century who has the time to think over such things. It’s the card of those god damn, jobless idiots who can’t help but create dramas and issues of petty things. Ironically, almost 51% of government seats in government offices (all the types) are reserved for the minorities. Did the Americans reserve even half that number for the natives? Huh! Dirty politics.

The last ‘division’ I would like to discuss is through geo-political reasons. India is formed into several states. These states are formed on the basis of regional cultures, languages, etc. like Maharashtra is formed where Marathi’s spoken, Gujarat is formed where Guajarati’s spoken, Tamil Nadu is formed where Tamil is spoken, etc. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, N-E states, J & K and disputed Telangana and Vidharbha are based on Cultural statehood phenomena. Such ideas cause immense intolerance amongst the locals. Political leverage from "son-of-the-soil" agenda works miracle in rural areas (sometimes urban ares too). Now, since this is a political subject I won’t write more, I can give an example though; just imagine an absolute Hispanic state in US, I’m not talking of the majority here, I meas a state for the Hispanics exculsively.

Solution, the only solution is that we revert to our tolerance. The trait of Tolerance through which the Indian civilisation is still standing, standing for more than 5000 years now. We’re losing tolerance, and that is why we’re falling. Indians have another peculiar character, we don’t stand by our own examples, we just stick to the west for examples. The example here is the US. Its success is based on tolerance, Tolerance of Africans, Italians, Hispanics, Irish, and all the other migrants. The end of civil war is a sample; its demography is a sample. If we look, we can find numerous examples, we just need to learn to live in coherence with everyone in this country. We know to live in coherence with the world, now we must learn the same thing amongst ourselves (Indians). And not try to politicise every god damn thing.