Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jiski Lathi Uski Bhens

The title can be roughly translated to ‘who has the whip (baton, technically) controls the buffalo’
It’s a Hindi proverb that can have an English counterpart in ‘might is right’.
I decided to write a post on this ‘cause I’ve lately come across many people who show grudge against the wealthy, powerful and successful….
Uncle Ben (uncle of Peter Parker, aka Spider man) said “with great power comes great responsibility” true that, now, it can also be said “with great power comes great criticism”. Criticism, yes, though most of the times it is a baseless accusation, a loud mouth gossip. There’s a saying in India that somewhat means, when people start to talk negative behind your back (not in your presence) know that you’re prospering.
Well, back to the topic….
I decided to write a post on this ‘cause I’ve lately come across many people who show grudge against the wealthy, powerful and successful…. Nations, the so called super-power/s.
And the commentators, most of the time, are people who are led by some fanatic, who think everything is a conspiracy, a propaganda. And the remaining times by actually brainy people who criticize in a healthy manner with substantial materials as backing (now such criticism isn’t bad, is it?)
The accusations, by the former, stands that such nations exploit people, misuse power and resources, rage wars, degenerate lives, demolish the right to freedom, and the numerous things we all know very well. We also know that most of these accusations are correct, in a way.
Well, here is where the title of the post does justice (or comes to picture)…
If we look back into history and study the rise and fall of power, we can easily conclude the theory to be true.
For this purpose, I shall put forward the history of India, the powers that ruled it for centuries. Since the example of India is so expanse, it will be enough to conclude what I mean to say.
Indian civilization is more than 5000-7000 (some claim it 5, some 7) years old. And this is a very, very long time. And to begin with the beginning is not possible as not much academic materials are available. So we start from the Aryan era. The Aryan social hierarchy was, the Shudras  (peasants), the Vaishyas (traders), the Kshatriyas (warriors and rulers, defenders of faith) and the Brahmans (preachers, keepers of the faith).
Since Kshatriyas were the defender of faith, they ruled righteously, taking care of their subjects in the most apt way prescribed in the scriptures. Subsequently, the power corrupted them, they were now no more the defenders of the faith, they became hollow men, corrupt, with greed for more power and territory. This was the time there was mass dissatisfaction. The rulers became wealthy by taxing the poor. Anyone who raised their voices in mutiny were sentenced, without trial. The healthy system of governance prescribed by the scriptures (Shastras) was twisted, bent, turned and eventually killed. And since these Rulers had the
Might, they were Right.
The situation was so tensed that the keepers of faith (Brahmans) decided to take control in their hands. They united and brought the old, the better, correct, system of governance. The role of Kshatriyas was brought down, the reins were with the Brahmans now. It was going good until the Brahmans got corrupted. The power lured them. Again the healthy system of governance prescribed by scriptures (Shastras) was twisted, bent, turned and eventually killed. Various malpractices were carried to consolidate the authority of the Brahmans. And since these Keepers had the Might, they were Right.
Then came the Islamic invaders of Persia and Central Asia. By this time the Khartriyas (defenders) were so weak and aimless with little or no competent leadership that they were easily defeated in battlefield. They faced the invaders who were motivated to plunder wealth and spread Islam, well fed, trained and equipped. These invaders looted, plundered WEALTH AND KNOWLEDGE (the numerical system, the medical practices, etc) and spread it to Europe and other areas. Eventually the invaders became the new rulers. All the indigenous people, be the elite Brahmans and Kshatriyas or the commoners, were now ruled by a foreigner belonging to an alien culture, roots and Religion.
Islam spread in Indian sub-continent. The Indian culture, in some areas became richer, in other areas deteriorated.. The Sheikhs, Shahs, Sultans now had their own political agenda. They looted, slaughter, tortured, converted, the indigenous people. Well again, the new Rulers had
Might, they were Right.
The time when things started to work well and were getting synchronized, in came the Europeans. They came in as traders, made sky high profits, selling Indian merchandise to the newly industrialized and wealthy Europe. And in some time India was neither ruled by Hindus nor Muslims, but it became a colony of the British. The British too brought their culture and as a result again the Indian culture, in some areas became richer, in other areas deteriorated..
The British too looted the wealth of India, divided and ruled the Indians and what not. And yet again, the  Whites had the
Might, they were Right.
This was the story of India. The global story too has the same theme but with different backgrounds and characters, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, etc. They came in as liberators, ended as tyrants. Since the world war I, we have discovered a new 'scale of power', the 'Global Power'. After wwi,  Britain was the undisputed world power, then came in the very interesting Mr. Adolf Hitler, the Japanese, The US and Russia, in the list (remember cold war!). Today, US is undisputed, unchallenged (though China is rising) at the top of the power chart. No doubt the oil politics and the wars US fought has made many millions it's critics. But, it has used its money, resources to turn tides in its favor. Uncle Sam is no clean old man, obviously! he has looted, plundered, extorted, destroyed and what not (some say for good, the rest say to sustain the 'American Lifestyle') but they have Might, they are Right.
Now, before the reader concludes that I’m pro this, anti that, I’ll come clean, my post only shows the LEADERS in poor light for the purpose to back my point. They all certainly have contributed to humanity in most wonderful ways. I’m also not supporting the tyrants (I don’t name anyone as tyrants, it’s the notion I address) by simply asking to let it go, no, every wrong doers have had their most pathetic end that’s what the post also shows, 'cause people chose to fight and end the tyrant powers. Now, I’m not a predictor to know how will the current tyrants (notion) would end, I just made a reference of the history to show bad things have a bad end.
My point is that before criticizing anyone, we should look back into our history. We are facing things that we once showed to others. In short, who has or had
Might is or was Right.