Friday, 13 April 2012

Life between Decision and Confusion…

Hello, warm greetings to all those who are here (also the ones who aren’t).

The ones who know me and also the ones who have read my previous articles know that I was going to write me university exam; well, after the exams and the re-exam, here I am, all done with them, for least a year…

Now, I’m not too happy for the fact I’m done and will be a graduate soon. There’s this dialogue in a critically and commercially blockbuster movie Rang de Basanti ‘’campus ke iss paar hum zindagi ko nachate hai aur campus ke uss paar zindagi hume nachati hai…” which is roughly translated to “This side of the campus, we make life dance to our tune, the other side, life makes us dance to its tune…”

I’m being royally prepared to face life now by people connected to me (so is everyone my age). There is this sudden thrust of responsibility and by the time you know you’re at the receiving end of life’s grudges.

It is here where the title of this post comes to the light, Life between Decision and Confusion. This is a universal phenomenon, every human, at some point, is never too sure of his decisions. There could be many reasons, various alternatives, lack of knowledge, interest, force, pressure, etc.

Confusion is everywhere, from start of the day, till the end. Confusion in deciding what to wear for the day, what to eat at lunch, what to buy at the store, as I earlier said they arise due to unbelievably high number of alternatives, choices. But, there are certain confusions that arise due to other throngs of nature (have listed them in the above paragraph).

Yes, I’m at the brim of the decision, yet far away from it. Confusion, inability to decide the right thing, name it whatever you want (guess this is how life makes us dance, this is not mere dance, huh… this is outrageously dirty dancing!) I’m being screwed.

The cause of my confusion is not unique, ‘how do we tackle life now?’ The phase, when we are ‘adults’ and people connected to us want us to act the way, sustain responsibility, be productive. We (least I) do feel the same, but there is still a certain part that is adamant and reluctant to draw ourselves to the whirlpool of life, to dance to its tunes.

 Now, when we have this part of us pulling us back, there is this other part too that induces us to work ahead. This part also has confusion, ‘how to go ahead?’ Find a job, start earning, sign-in the race of life or lookout for a good institute for post-graduation and prepare for competitive exam, work part-time and sign-in the madness of life.

Sometimes I feel it was good that someone else took our decisions, when we were kids, least we would have been spared with the cruelty of alternatives. What an irony… just a few years ago, I was in a rush to grow up so that I could take my own decisions, now when I am grown-up; I want that there was someone to take decisions on my behalf… guess such is life… ironical.

May Peace Prevail…