Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sweet encounters with a stranger.

There are times, not frequent though, when you come across people and with just one look, you respect them. They're so pure that even looking at them would dirty them and you dare not disrespect them by giving a second look. I've experienced this a couple of times.. The following incident is when this one look extended to a few encounters in couple of days.
December the 25th, 2012, Christmas Day, a pure day, a pure, holy location, on the bank of the Ganges..
She, a foreigner, was present at the daily ritual, the aarti of the holy Ganga, at an aashram in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India. Sitting the indian style on the marble platform, facing the pyre. She was as much at peace as the holy river. Her face radiating purity, peace, tranquility. She commanded respect. She was beautiful. The smile on her face was at prefect sync. with the chants of hymns and the rolling of the river. The red of her cheeks were enough to give warmth in that chill.
After the ritual, when people started to move out of the GHAT (River bank), this group of foreigners, which she was a part of, attracted the crowds' attention, whites still attract attention in india, rural india. After that monkey dance, I went to ask them to excuse us. Had a small chat with the lady. Got to know that she's an Ukrainian and how much she loves india and it's culture and i reverted how difficult it is to be an indian. We spoke for ten minutes amidst the sounds of humanity, humanity on microphones, the river, the air. We left after that.
I encountered her a couple of times again and each time, i was flushed with delight...
27th morning, time to depart. Leaving with a constant thought to see her before leaving. And i did see her, bade goodbye.
It was great time, beautiful time. With no regrets.
I didn't ask her name. I didn't desperately tried talking to her. We had beautiful encounters.Sweet encounters.
Looking back.. I smile.. These sweet encounters with a stranger are registered as one of the most beautiful incidents that has happend to me.