Saturday, 19 November 2011

Death of Love

What's a death that occurs before dying? It’s the death of Love…

Love… what is it? Only one who has loved anyone will know what love is. It’s permanent. No one can measure it. It’s an equation beyond simplification.  It’s like a perennial river, sometimes it shrinks and sometimes it floods, but there’s never a drought.

I never believed in love. Not until I fell in it. And now it’s like I’m in love and she’s jumped out of it. No reasons, no solutions, no begging, no cribbing and crying, nothing works. I live like I’m dead. Like a zombie. No hope, no destination, no path, no aspiration, nothing remains. My one desire was the cause of the collapse, now all my desires are collapsed.
This was my experience of love. It was no fairy tale for me. Hope there is love, between everyone in the family, society, nation and world.