Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Life between Sorrow and Joy...

Ever thought what Life is like when you’re neither happy nor sad?

When we’re happy, we feel that the world’s colourful, we see everything around us is beautiful. And when we’re sad, our world becomes dark, grey, nothing remains beautiful. What’s it like when we’re neither?

It could either be that we’re at divine peace, a step closer to Nirvana, Or in Surrender.
It’s hard to know which is true for us. In both the cases, we accept the world the way it is. Though, when at peace, our acceptance is more positive as we try to nexus ourselves with everything around. And when we surrender, we kill our hopes and expectations.

Although, the stage in between Sorrow and Joy is very short, it leaves a mark or sometimes a scar. It’s the time of self-realisation, understanding our own selves and trying to find solutions to situations / problems/ LIFE. The phase leads us back to either Sorrow or Joy. Sorrow, because self-realisation could end in guilt, inferiority and a darker journey. Joy, because a new, fresh hope is harvested after understanding the world in and outside us.

I have experienced both Peace and Surrender. And sometimes a complex of both. If asked to give a name to my experience, it would be Melancholy. Melancholy, a topic for the writers and poets, a picture for the painters and photographers. A subject most sought, but least achievable. I have just experienced it, maybe one day I'll be able to write on it... Until then 'Life' goes the Path destiny chooses.
Life between Sorrow and Joy, I define it as a strange, clumsy, sometimes un-easy, sometimes soothing experience, an escape from reality, a Mirage in Desert, it’s there but, it’s not there.
It’s you how you define it for yourself…